Dual-violin folk metal band ISENMOR is proud to announce the upcoming release of their debut album, Shieldbrother! Hailing from Maryland, USA, ISENMOR sings tales of harrowing battlescapes and historic foes in their “gewyrdelic folk metal” style: a blend of metal, orchestral, and folk music, combining intricate violin leads and rich vocal harmonies with a strong guitar-driven folk metal base inspired by the stalwarts of the genre including TÝR, ENSIFERUM, and ELUVEITIE. The name ISENMOR is taken from Old English and translates to “iron wasteland”, referring to the broken and discarded weapons strewn around on the field in the aftermath of a battle. “Gewyrdelic” is an Old English word that roughly translates to “historical”. The meaning of the term, as well as its etymology, describe ISENMOR’s lyrical and thematic focus on the history and legends of the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic peoples. 

Shieldbrother delivers tales of glory with the triumphant title track “Shieldbrother” and the furious “Furor Teutonicus,” sorrowful tales of woe such as the mournful “Battle Scarred” and the dirge-like “Mount Badon,” a 17-minute epic entitled “Sigurd’s Song,” the obligatory folk metal drinking song (with an ISENMOR twist) “Drink to Glory,” and more tales steeped in the myth and history of the dark ages.