Tim Regan – Guitar, Vocals
Mike Wilson – Bass, Vocals
Nick Schneider – Violin, Vocals
Jon Lyon – Keys, Vocals
David Spencer – Drums
Peter Lesko – Guitar
Mark Williams – Violin


ISENMOR is a dual-violin fronted folk metal band from Baltimore, MD, USA. Combining elements of folk metal greats ENSIFERUM, HEIDEVOLK, ELUVEITIE, FALKENBACH, and TÝR, ISENMOR fuses the heart of the Old World with the spirit of those who sought out new shores, combining intricate violin passages with savage guitar riffs and multi­-part vocal harmonies. ISENMOR tells tales of battle, drink, sorrow, and adventure, drawing lyrical inspiration directly from the original sources preserved since the Dark Ages.

ISENMOR plays “Gewyrdelic Folc Metal.” “Gewyrdelic” is an Old English word that roughly translates to “historical”.  The meaning of the term, as well as its etymology, describe ISENMOR’s lyrical and thematic focus on the history and legends of the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic Peoples. The use of a ‘c’ instead of a ‘k’ in the word “Folc” reflects the Old English spelling, which otherwise has the same meaning and pronunciation as it does in modern English.

Following their acclaimed 2016 EP, Land of the Setting Sun, ISENMOR crowdfunded the production of their 2020 debut full-length album, Shieldbrother. The Shieldbrother campaign shattered expectations. It’s initial funding goal was met in a single day, and numerous stretch goals were conquered later in the campaign. Released on October 9th, 2020, Shieldbrother received excellent reviews, made multiple year-end lists and was named “Best Debut Album 2020” by

Going forward, ISENMOR is working on the followup to Shieldbrother, playing shows, and discovering what awaits wherever the wind shall carry them. Wes hal, drinc hal!