Land of the Setting Sun EP (Original)

ISENMOR’s debut EP, Land of the Setting Sun, can be streamed to the right. If you love it, support ISENMOR by buying the EP, available as a digital download and on CD, which includes 4 bonus tracks. Skål!

Praise for Land of the Setting Sun:

  • “‘Land of the Setting Sun’ is the pinnacle of folk metal with each and every track from the album being done absolutely perfect in such a way that I was blown out of my fucking chair after hearing the dual violins for the first time alongside the guitars and chanting vocals that were just hypnotic to say in the very least.” –
  • “Need a soundtrack for your next trip down to the wharf while looking for grog, a wench and a good ol’ bar fight? Isenmor is you ticket for sure.” – 8/10 –
  • Land of the Setting Sun is worth your attention, especially if you are a fan of the style [i.e. folk metal].” –  80/100 –
  • “This is an excellent EP.” – Echoes and Dust
  • “They offer a surprisingly varied approach to the genre that does differ from the ‘old world’ bands ploughing this field.” – 8/10 – The Metal Observer
  • “The cover alone is what gave me confidence that this as a folk metal album was definitely going to be something special, and thankfully it was.” – Headbanger Reviews