Furor Teutonicus [LYRIC VIDEO]

Furor Teutonicus [LYRIC VIDEO]

The Official Lyric Video for Furor Teutonicus, the second single off our upcoming debut Shieldbrother, is live on YouTube now!

Preorder Shieldbrother at Bandcamp, Shieldbrother will be released October 9th, 2020!

” There is a wonderful elegance to the execution and the way that the band eagerly press forward makes for addictive listening. “

Two Guys Metal Reviews: http://www.twoguysmetalreviews.com/2020/09/isenmor-shieldbrother.html

Kickstarter Funded!

Thanks to our incredible fans supporting and sharing our campaign, our Kickstarter blew away our original goal to the tune of 300%! Thanks to your support, we’ll be able to produce a run of high quality pressed CDs for the Shieldbrother album, set up some epic pre-order packages, and potentially some other goodies down the road.

Along the way, we hit stretch goals to release an instrumental version of the album, as well as two bonus acoustic tracks, all available free to our wonderful Kickstarter backers!

Shieldbrother will be released October 9th, 2020. Follow us on Bandcamp for pre-order information!

New Single “Saxon Shore” Out Now!

ISENMOR’s latest single, Saxon Shore, can be streamed to the right. If you love it, be sure to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter or Instagram for the latest updates!

About “Saxon Shore”
“Saxon Shore” tells the story of the first wave of Anglo-Saxons to come to Britain as conquerors. The Saxon Shore was an area in southeast Britain originally fortified and manned to defend against Germanic raiders (referred to collectively as Saxons by the Romans). In time, the Romans recruited some of these same peoples to serve as soldiers, offering them settlement in this area in exchange for military service. These peoples eventually turned on the British, conquering them instead of fighting for them, carving out their own kingdoms that would eventually become England.

While the song is written from the perspective of the Anglo-Saxons, the lyrics are mainly based on the version of the story first recorded by the British monk Gildas in his 6th Century work The Ruin and Conquest of Britain, which is largely unfavorable of the Anglo-Saxons. The end of the song includes a quote from Gildas’ work, from a letter the Roman inhabitants of Britain sent to the Emperor requesting aid against the Saxons. The Emperors rejection of these pleas for aid are seen as the end of Roman rule in Britain and the beginning of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.

ISENMOR’s Debut EP, Land of the Setting Sun, Now Available!

Click here to Order Land of the Setting Sun!

ISENMOR is proud to announce Land of the Setting Sun, our debut EP, available for streaming at Isenmor’s Bandcamp page and in the Bandcamp widget above.

Land of the Setting Sun is available in CD format and in digital format on all major online music retailers and music streaming services, including but not limited to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and Bandcamp.  CD versions of the EP include bonus material, including covers “Havoc” by ELUVEITIE and “In My Sword I Trust” by ENSIFERUM, as well as acoustic versions of “Pyre” and “So Willingly Deceived.”

Check out Land of the Setting Sun at the locations below:

Merch Page Updated

Head over to our merch page on Bandcamp to get your ISENMOR pint glass (perfect for beering), and ISENMOR t-shirt of battle! And of course you can pre-order your copy of Land of the Setting Sun!

The ISENMOR shirt features our logo on the front and our shield emblem on the back. This shirt is perfect for battle and/or wenching and/or beering! (More shirts, more sizes, shirts for wenches, and tinier folk are available at the ISENMOR Spreadshirt page.)


We in ISENMOR prefer to beer with the proper hardware: the ISENMOR pint glass. To the untrained eye, it appears to be an ordinary pint glass. However, this one makes you more attractive to the opposite (and/or same) sex! At least we think it does.


These items, all our music, and tickets to upcoming shows are available at the ISENMOR Bandcamp Merch Page. Thanks for supporting ISENMOR!


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